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With an aim to transform the quality of health care in India, SLG Hospitals has envisaged setting up the following infrastructure.

999-bed Facility with 200 ICU or high dependency critical Beds

The critical care beds amounts to almost one third of hospital bed capacity. The critical areas are equipped with all life support equipment to manage every organ dysfunction or failure. That includes ventilatory, renal replacement therapy, Intra arterial balloon counter pulsation to routine monitoring parameters of patients.

20 Modular Operation Theatres with Organ Transplant Facilities

Making it one of the largest and comprehensive organ transplant facilities for both recipients and donors of organs.

Linac for Radiation Therapy

Cancer patients can avail this therapy in house, with experts in radiation physics planning and measuring the radiation dosages and frequencies suiting every individual as per the pathology and clinical needs.

Trauma Care Centre

Our trauma care centre strives to provide the best initial care that a patient requires. We are quick to respond and constantly vigilant for timely intervention and adhering to the world wide described golden hours for different medical emergencies.

Blood Bank

Patients and their families can be assured of utmost safety in terms of screening and supplies of donor elements of required blood component alliquotes. All the required safety protocols would be followed to prevent allergies and any other related complications of transfusions.

3T MRI & 128 Slice CT

The multi slice CT reduces the radiation exposure and is one of the safest machines for precision diagnosis.

THIS ‘STATE OF ART’ 3 TESLA MRI makes the investigation very pleasant experience for the patient by being very silent and alleviating the claustrophobic feeling.

Advanced Cath Lab

INNOVA IGS 520 of GE make with detector size of 20.5 X 20.5 cms offers a complete range of possibilities for angiographic procedures, cardiac interventions and electrophysiology studies.

Bone Mineral Densitometry

Vitamin D deficiency has almost become an endemic issue in India and so is bone demineralization. The problem is compounded in menopausal and post menopausal women and with sedentary life-style. The ‘Prodigy’ Dexa scan not only scans the bone health but also estimates lean and total body fat mass and percentage of fat. The ionizing radiation. Effect is very low.

X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography

The digital ‘HF advantage x-ray’ offers better images for Radiologists for accurate diagnosis. The state of art ‘4D ultrasound with cardiac package offers unlimited viewing advantage and capabilities with 4D TTE adult, pediatric, fetal/obstetrics, vascular/ peripheral vascular, urological, abdominal, transcranial, small parts, musculoskeletal, and transoesophageal sonology.

High-end Lab

The laboratory with three broad specialties of Pathology, Biochemistry and Microbiology are equipped with haematopathology, coagulometry, cyto and histopathology equipment along with auto-analysers, electrolyte, ABG, immunoassay, chemiluminescence analysers to mention a few. The microbiology is fully tuned to handle all panels pertaining to serology, virology, rapid cultures, along with molecular diagnostics.

24x7 Highly trained Emergency Staff

To cater to the rising number of emergencies, be it cardiac, neurological, orthopedic or any other trauma, we have a complete range of rapid response systems in the emergency wing of the hospital with relevant qualified expertise and technical workforce. The ambulances are equipped with life saving devices, pharmacology and emergency medical technicians.